The 90 Day BEST YOU Challenge

Completely Risk Free, Amazing Community, Expert Coaching, and More!

If your goal is to be the BEST YOU, then you've come to the RIGHT PLACE.

Have you had any of these problems with your fitness goals? 

  • Several attempts with little or short-lived success

  • No idea where to begin

  • Need structure, motivation, and accountability

Starts Aug. 6th!

Step 1: 

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Commit

We have the answers!

  • Expert coaching

  • Community and social support

  • Initial Assessment and Goal Planning

  • Individualized nutritional program with daily support

  • Effective physical training (3 Month Unlimited Membership includes CrossFit Group Classes, Barbell Classes, Pump30 and Burn30 Classes, and open gym times)

  • Thorough new member “on-ramp training”

  • Flexibility and mobility program

  • Benchmarking through DXA scans, progress photos, tape measurements, and performance testing

Completely RISK FREE!

You cannot go wrong with this challenge! 


To be successful, you'll have to be completely ready, willing, and able to follow exactly what we ask you to do. 

After the 90 day period, if you've followed ALL of the requirements and did not see positive results in your DXA scan, photos, tape measurements, OR performance test, we will refund your entire package investment!